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Looking to find out what really goes on at UK swingers parties? or are you considering joining a swingers website (hopefully this one) and want to know whats really on the cards at some of these swingers parties? then try streaming swinging DVDs as it will offer you "some" type of an insight into what you can expect

One thing you do have remember with swingers porn is these are in most cases professional porn actors although some of the videos used listed here do feature amateur british couples buy by far the bulk are not and whilst it will give you an idea what "could" happen theirs nothing to say it won't be completely different when you do meet with a swinging couple

Whats swinging really about, try streaming porn

The idea behind this page is to give you some idea whats one the cards and some of the streaming porn videos do a pretty good job at putting the over the theme of a party or in some cases where couples are just swapping as in some of the wife swapping porn videos, so if your "just" thinking about trying the scene out why not check out what the porn industry thinks swinging is all about with some of these videos

We loads of great streaming swingers movies these are recent viewed titles

  • UK Swinger Confidential - For many this is pure genuine swingers porn done by one of the best porn directors thats Johnny Rebel as he shows what goes on behind those closed doors at UK swingers parties and right from the onset of this video its clear theirs not a single professional actress in sight as I'm not saying these people are ugly but they are what you would class as normal couples as these couples do their best to forget Johnny is their with his camera crew as they video couples swapping and enjoying themselves. This streaming porn video has REAL women in real hardcore swapping action and couple that love to swing. - more
  • Melanie's Real Brit Amateurs - Say the name Melanie to most swingers and they will know of her, normally due to her connection with various swingers clubs around the North West, but here we see her latest offering of horny REAL couples thats all shot in a gonzo style and for those that are unsure Gonzo porn basically means no storyline so you don't have these long introduction and fake plot lines before the couples start fucking & swapping, here its straight into the action all done with Melanie's swingers style of filming in other words right in amongst it! Real UK couples swapping and swingers for many the best in amateur porn - more
  • Swingers Party 12: Newly Wed Swingers - Trix Productions and their insight into swinging lifestyle for many offer a real open view as to what happens and again follows the gonzo style which does kind imply that when ever swingers meet all they do is walk into a room strip and fuck which really isn't the case but with time limitations I suppose they do have to speed things up a bit. So what do they do they invite a load of couples to a newly wed's party and what starts out with a few drinks soon turns into a swapping party where everyone gets fucked. - more

The videos listed on this page are only a few of the ones we have on offer and its really a case of checking out the films and seeing what grabs your interest ...

To keep you updated with new DVDs I've added a direct feed here that will keep you updated with all the latest videos as they are realised so book mark this page and return often so you can hear about the very latest is streaming swingers videos




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