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Get your profile right...

Ok you've decided you want to join a swingers personals website and hopefully it's the UK's best site, which needless to say this is, so the first thing you need to consider is your own swingers advert. Posting your advert does take a little planning and consideration after all if you want members to contact you you'll need to make sure you put yourself across well.

It is not a race so- take your time...

Once you've joined the rest of us horny swingers your first thought should be your profile but rather than jumping straight in and typing something out that you're not fully happy with, why not take 5 minutes now and do a bit of enjoyable research by reading what other swingers personals adverts, this way it will give you a good insight into what others post up and probably highlight some common mistakes made.

Read members profiles and take notes

As a member you'll have full access to all of the personals adverts within the site, trust us we have thousands to read and this is your chance to view some ads, get some idea of what to place within your own ad and hopefully post up a personals ad that will get lots of members contacting you. Looking at profiles, photos and even reading the forum postings will give you a much better insight into the swinger lifestyle especially if you are newbies.

Some basic tips to get you started?

To help you get started here are some tips on getting your swingers personals advert right, after all you don't want to be putting members off, so by following these tips should help you get a good level of response:

  • Profile name - you want to use something that's catchy & easy to remember and also maybe gives an idea of what you're about
  • Swingers Headings - this is first thing members will see so post something up that will grab their attention and make them want to click on your advert. As an example "mature couple in West sussex looking to meet couples only" this not only tells people your agenda but where you live and what your looking for
  • Swinging Profile Text - If you're looking for members to contact you then you'll have to put a little thought behind this as this will get genuine swingers contacting you, after all if your advert text tells members nothing about yourself and your likes members are never going to take you seriously. Tell members about yourself, the things you enjoy doing or dislike and this way other members can get a better understanding of you and then hopefully contact you to meet up
  • Photos - it's vitally important to place photos on your profile as this is one way of telling if a member is serious or not. If you don't want to show your face that's fine either block it out with one of the free graphics programs that comes with your digi camera or crop it down but a profile with photos will get 10 times more responses than one with out. But when posting photos please only use your own pics, as members posting fake photos will have their accounts cancelled
  • Keyword searches - when doing your profile you'll see a collection of keywords like dogging, cuckold & swingers parties, and by using these it will help members to find you should they use the keyword search

Follow these tips and get members contacting you!

If you follow these basic tips you'll get loads of members contacting you and you'll very soon have a strong friends contacts list and be meeting up with other swinging couples or singles depending on your preferences.




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