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We often run surveys within the members section and once recent one that got a lot of interest by members especially the male swingers was "whats your swinging fantasy" but addressed towards our female swingers members

Swingers FantasiesWhen it comes to sexual fantasies women by far have a better imagination than the males and women can dream up and think about naughty swinging and when it comes thinking about saucy fantasies they don’t just limiting themselves to the traditional things that most males will just think off

The top sexual fantasies from female swingers covers everything from sexual fetish, rape to threesomes, and from a male viewpoint you'll be surprised to know that many females will do a lot more than fantasize, some will put just as much effort into turn fantasies into fact! and if like me you'll find these swingers fantasies an interesting insight into what goes on inside the mind set of a female swinger...........least our members

Top 6 female sexual fantasies for swingers !!!

NUMBER 6 – Female Domination - whilst women do enjoy the company of dominant males they also like some role playing swapping where they take control and by far the most popular is females tying there male lovers to the bed and forcing you to pleasure them and you do get the impression enjoy the submale culture that revolves around the BDSM scene

NUMBER 5cuckoldry - thats right, she wants to fuck other males whilst you watch and whilst the cuckoldry lifestyle has many sub cultures by far its them knowing you are watching them brought on by many cuckold streaming videos

NUMBER 4 – Dressing up Role play, its not just the guys that want to see you dressed in a little schoolgirl outfit and parading about for your viewing pleasure women enjoy this idea just as much after all who doesn't want naughty tarty wife that needs a gentle or even firm spanking

NUMBER 3 – Threesome Meets with either male or another woman - thankfully its not just guys that wonder what a threeway MMF or FFM threesome would be like and it’s common for straight women fantasize about threesome with a hot bi women or a man joining in allowing her to have the best of both worlds.

NUMBER 2 – Voyeurism women love to be watched or watch other whilst they play and this can either be at clubs, dogging locations parties or just some same room sex meets with others so don't be mistaken to think thats its only dirty old men that like to watch so do female swingers as well

NUMBER 1 sex with another women alone - its one of those things that any swinging male doesn't want to hear when his wife or girlfriend says she wants to try sex with another women but alone! so if your partner is just "bi curious" be ready for her asking to meet alone with other bi females swingers

I have to say that I wasn't surprised the top female fantasy was having sex with another women when you consider that just about every female profile the wife or girlfriend is either bi or bi curious, the question is will she play with you watching or want to experiment alone

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