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Interested in swinging but don't want to see your other half having full on sex with another person! In that case have you consider Soft Swingers or as most will refer to it as soft swapping, as this offers a chance to try the swinging scene without the concern over seeing your partner having full sex with someone else

for many the soft swapping scene offers a more gentle less invasive way into the swinging scene and a way for many newbie swingers to just see if they will enjoy the scene or not, after all if you've never had the pleasure of seeing your partner with another person it could be a bit of a shock, most will say pleasant some never to return again

Why bother soft swapping and just get on and have full sex!

The choice of how and who you swap it is completely in your control and this also applies to just how far you go, some will prefer just having soft swapping meets where's as other members will want the enjoyment of watching there partners have full on penetrative sex, but thankfully with our advanced system if your swinging is on the more softer side finding and meeting with members that are looking for soft swinging meets is really easy.

More couples than every before are joining looking for soft swap meets and the reason can either be new members and not overly happy about watching there partner having full on sex with another, others for health reasons and don't enjoy wearing a condom when having sex so won't take the health risks that bareback swingers don't concern themselves over

Either way the soft swapping scene is one thats building in popularly for both new & experienced swingers, but it may come as a surprise to you but within the soft swapping swinging scene there are a few variations within this and understanding the type of soft swapping you want is pretty vital when either placing your swingers personals advert, or responding to someone else's advert.

Deferent types of Soft swingers, not one but three types! ..

OK since when has anything been straight forward! and swapping partners is just as complicated, so here we have details on the different types of soft swapping meets that members look towards arranging, but by far the more popular one is the third option, which most will class as true soft swapping

  • Same room sex / voyeur meets - this is where couples will sex with there partners and not have ANY involvement with the other couple. It's all about others watching YOU and being in the same room whilst your having a sex, a true voyeurs delight
  • Same sex swaps - this where the husbands will watch wives playing with each other and obviously they need to be bisexual or some bi curious wives / girlfriends will use these types of meets as an introduction into bifem contacts. Husbands have the enjoyment of watching then have sex with there partners afterwards in the same room
  • Soft Swap Meets - what most will class as true soft swinging where couples will swap partners and enjoy full sex but without penetrative sex that is saved for between couples only

So if you fancy joining a swingers website but not keen on your partner having full sex with a stranger then consider soft swapping as an option, should you later want more you can also change your personals advert for full sex meets

One little word of warning when meeting with couples for soft swaps don't try to change the type of meet when with the couple as this WILL cause problems with both the other couple and possibly your partner if you've not discussed this, the best way forward is after you've finished playing discuss it then

Hopefully looking forward to welcoming you to our soft swapping swingers website and considering membership is FREE it won't cost you anything to see whats on offer by our members




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