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How many times have to seen something online that says free and it's only when you join up that you find out there's some type of catch and that the free part of the site is only there to make you join up and that's were the free bit ends?!

Like all surfers I get pulled into this and it annoys me probably just as much as it annoys you, after all if it says FREE it should be! So how can we offer a free swinging website, as we know the world doesn't just revolve around love (although sex comes a very close second)?

The FACTS - free or NOT

Is this website free, if so how long is it free for and is there really no cost to join? Where do I and how do I join up?

YES... we really do offer free "basic" membership

This means you can join the site, view members profiles and even look at small members photos, you can also post your own profile along with as many swingers photos as you like as we give all our members unlimited space, in fact you can even post up your own vides as well. As a free swinger you can send messages and enjoy chatting online to other swingers from around the UK in our online chatroom.

So why free, what's the catch?

A swingers website is only as strong as the community within it and this is one reason why we at Swingers Connections have one of the biggest and most active swinging communities online. Because members can join up for FREE, but (yes you knew their was going to be one) the free membership does only allow members basic access to the site but (this is a good one) you will still be more than able view & place adverts.

But I want to do more with a swingers site!

Well in that case you'll need to pay but considering our membership fees are cheaper than most other sites you really do get a lot for your payment. These great added features include advance searching of member profiles meaning when members search for contacts your profile will be listed higher, live video chatrooms, plus many other great features which make finding local contacts is easy & fast.

Most members that join our site will do so for free, they look around to get the feel of the site and make sure they are happy with the features/services we offer members and many will stay like that NEVER upgrading. But many more do want more and they then pay to upgrade to premium membership and at least by then they will know what they are buying into rather than the false promises you see so often on other sites!



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