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Want to find the best dogging locations around the UK or indeed Europe, well look no further, although one thing you won't find here is some countries list of "great dogging locations" around the UK, after all if YOU can read them then so can the police and whilst we all love to dog its against the law, which does make it even more fun !

We've all seen these sites going around that list country after country detailing where to go, times, locations and even in some cases people post the detail of the cars they will be driving, but ask yourself this do you believe these sites? and have you noticed how so many also have premium rate phone numbers for current / more dogging information

These premium rate website's are doing one thing alone thats sucking peoples need to find current Uk dogging locations as we all know as fast as one gets set up the police find out about it and stop it by patrolling more often and so people turn towards the internet to try and get more current / better info

Don't pay for dogging locations & information, get it free !!!

Its a FACT people do look at these premium website's and see telephone numbers for locations and really do pay for this information when you can get it for FREE! and better still get it from people that are really using the locations rather than some made up information posted by some webmaster.

Within the members section on our site we have dedicated areas so members can post details of good & bad locations along with times they will even be around in some cases. This not only means that the information YOU will be reading will be current but as a swingers contacts site you could even directly send a message to the couple that posted asking for further details

By using a members section not only will you get the most up to date information going but even have a chance to look at the members photos posted within their profiles so get a better idea of what the dogger's look like

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Thats right you can join today and read these members posting and as basic membership is free it won't even cost you a penny to read forum postings from our members, so unlike so many other dogger's information sites we are offering this for NOTHING

Before you ask whats the catch, their is none the reason we can offer this for free is if members what to use the advanced features we offer then thats when you'll have to pay but basic information like dogging locations and even viewing members profiles along with photos is available to all free members

Find FREE Dogging locations today

so if you want to find current dogging locations then join up today and check out the dogging forum postings from our members and start enjoying some outdoor sex

P.S within our blogs section here we have sample profiles ands some of these have been placed by dogging couples so read - Dogging blogs




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