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Cuckold streaming is just about the best way to watch cuckoldry porn after all whats the point in spending loads of money buying cuckold DVDs when for a fraction of the cost you can not only being watching great porn but rather than waiting around for weeks for it to turn up you can stream cuckold instantly onto your PC

As a swingers website something wee have noticed over the yeas is the interest in cuckold contacts and more couples are starting to show an interest into this what can only really be classed as a sexual fetish, after all if you want to watch some guy fucking your wife its hardly straight sex! LOL

Whats Cuckold really about watch the porn

The reason we added this section was so the members could get an idea what cuckold is really about and how better to turn to the than the porn industry and with adult video on demand ( Adult VOD) offers streaming downloads this means if your just "curious" and want to see what cuckold sex is about then what better way than to watch some instructional porn ;o)

We have over 179 cuckoldry streaming movies these are some recent streamed titles

  • Screw My Wife Please 66 - SMWP is probably one of the longest running cuckold porn collections going and you don't get number 66 in a series without making great porn that ticks every box within the cuckold genre. Wildlife Productions streaming offering show us horny wives getting fucked by male porn stars whilst the husbands watch on. These are REAL wives and husbands write in asking for their wives to feature in the next movie - more
  • Grip And Cram Johnson's Cuckold 5 -Grip & Cram produce some of the most life like streaming cuckold porn that you can buy in my view and whilst the numbers of films don't come anywhere near some of the other porn studios there porn is always quality and really bring home the cuckoldry vibe and give a true insight into what this sexual genre is all about. This movie is over 110 minutes of great porn and with option of streaming, download PPV ( pay per view) and download to burn you can just about watch this movie anyway you want - more
  • Forced Bi Cuckolds 2 - Kick Ass Pictures take the cuckold theme and run with the humiliation side of it by making straight husbands suck cocks and perform clean up duties in other words after the male has cum inside the wife the husband has to lick cum from well used and fucked cunt! and in some case as with this movie even make him suck other guys cocks. The porn in these movies is a little more staged than others but its a good attempt to show the slightly darker side of forced cuckoldry - more
  • My Slut Wife - with Babs & her cuckold Boy although theirs nothing boy like about him and I think she named him this just to humiliate him!! if you've never streamed a Babs DVD your in for a real treat treat assuming you enjoy watching amateur porn as this movie is about as home made as it could be and if you didn't know you'd swear you were watching some mates home made porn movie showing off his horny wife getting fucked by some guy - more

And these are just recent movies I've streamed we have another 175 that will keep any cuckold porn fan happy ...

If you new to using Adult video on demand then just click on any of the video reviews or links on this page and you'll be able to get full details and these an FAQ page that can tell you all about how it works, but trust me from someone thats pretty crap at technology streaming porn is easy and once you start you'll wonder why you never got into sooner




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