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A cuckold or as most will refer to themselves as "cuckold Husbands" is where a married male watches whilst other males fuck's his wife ( wives can also be refereed to as Hotwife or Cuckquean/Cuckqueen) and these wives will have sex in front of the husband and has in the past been classed adulterous wives and cuckoldry has varying degrees from the husband just watching to verbal humiliation

Like mist forums of sexual contacts the cuckold term can mean different things to different swingers, some will take this term to mean where the hubby will just watch or maybe as in most cases take photos of his wife playing whilst other will look towards humiliation which could be anything from clean up duties where the husband will lick cum from the wife after the male swinger has cum inside her to even sucking another guys cock before he fuck's his wife .

Understanding about cuckoldry Personals

Unlike other forums of swinging contacts I personally believe cuckold is something that you should understand about before you reply to an advert and likewise as a cuckold couple putting as much information within your profile is a must and if your looking for more fetish / humiliation type personals then information is the key to a successful meet, after all if you want your husband to suck some other guys cock you need to make sure your bull is happy about this.

Not all male can perform, could you fuck another guys wife whilst he watches...

You know this is a real question, could you fuck someone else wife whilst a guy is standing over you watch, not getting involved but just watching every time you fuck her? I know many single males think they can perform on request like this but also if its something you've never done before then you need to make sure you can and if this is your first time maybe tell the couple so they won't put too much pressure on you!

Like most swingers adverts information is the key and with cuckold husbands personals ads this is extremely important to make sure that as a couple looking for a male bull thats you find the right one and as a male swinger you understand what the couple will be expecting from you, but something I've noticed over the years is couples that are into uk cuckold sex do write good informative profiles and it goes without saying that loads of photos are posted with cuckold personals as the husband has normally been taking pic's as the fun goes on .

Finding local cuckold couples is easy as 1,2, 3

With most swingers or indeed cuckolds personals website that easy of use is one of the most important things after all your soon going to get frustrate with a service if you can't easily find the cuckold contacts your after, which is why we've put so much effort into making sure you can find local contact fast & easy by searching by keyword, location, age & in the case of cuckold husbands by sexual genre so one thing you can be sure of you'll soon have loads of contact adverts to looking over as a member .

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Should you wish you can join this contact website for FREE and stay that way as we have no time restrictions and as a free member you can even post your own cuckold personals advert either as a single male looking for couples or a couple looking for single males to fuck your wife whilst you watch - the only restriction as a free member is you won't have access to the advanced searching




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